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Article Can I use Teamviewer on the Xcode Desktop Developer plan?
Since the Xcode Developer Desktop plan is a shared plan we are unable to offer 3rd party remote...
Views: 5190
Article Enable Root User
Enabling and using the "root" user in Mac OS X The root user in Mac OS X is disabled by default....
Views: 2495
Article File Tansfer with Filezilla/sftp
If you are on a Windows PC you will need to use sFTP (a secure implementation of FTP)?...
Views: 3498
Article How can I make my VNC connection faster?
Be sure to use a plain background on your desktop.  VNC transfers images of your desktop so...
Views: 3745
Article How can I subscribe for only 1 subscription period ie. 1 month?
Subscribe to the service you want Setup recurring payment with Paypal and Remit Payment Login...
Views: 1909
Article How do I test my app on my device?
The most common way for our developers to test their app on their device is via Ad Hoc...
Views: 2848
Article How do I upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS X?
We offer a variety of service levels that each have different OS options available. ...
Views: 1906
Article How to set resolution in Dedicated Plan
You can attempt to change resolution on your dedicated plan using admin access by typing in...
Views: 1004
Article Screen Sharing from your own Mac Computer
Screen SharingOpen a Finder window. If no shared computers appear in the Shared section of the...
Views: 1530
Article Update / Add Credit Card Information
If you receive notification that your current Credit Card is due to expire OR if you would like...
Views: 1096
Article View On Screen Keyboard
There is an onscreen keyboard available in: System Preferences/Language and Region/Keyboard...
Views: 454
Article What is an alternate to control + drag for linking view elements in Xcode?
You can try right-clicking by holding Control and clicking the element (depending on the keyboard...
Views: 1704
Article Which VNC client do you recommend for Windows?
Our clients have had success using tightVNC.  It is available for free download on the web....
Views: 4173


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