Thursday, July 19, 2018

" Thanks for the service provided." - Baris P.

"Thank you for all your help, really pleased with the service" -Brian L.

"Thank You.  Great Service." -Michele S

"Great support, very fast and direct, thanks for help!" -Sascha

"Many thanks for your help, and a reliable service!" -Yann E.

"I am a college student and briefly needed a Mac for a programming project with iOS. Through this service I was able to run a Mac on my PC, it was wonderful. Now the project is complete and the service is no longer needed." - Leandra J.

"Thank you for providing this service and allowing me to dip my toe in the water, so to speak." - Matthew W.

"I want to thank you again for your help, you guys were great." -Michael V.

"Thanks again for all the great service! Thank You." -John M.

"I plan to use your vmOSX Virtual Personal Desktop for developing an App during a Hackathon." -Hardik S

"Thanks for the service and I will be back when I have another version of my app to release. " -James H.


"I was able to commit to a Mac purchase having enjoyed my trial of the OS through vmOSX. Xcode awaits!" -Glyn