Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Hey there, really excited to start developing apps on Xcode using your service!" -Vasilis

"Thank you for offering this service." - Terry B.

"This may be a niche service, but there are other offerings in the market, and you guys are the best." -Brian C.

"Just tested it from home and it is a lot better than MacInC****.com ever was." -Shaun

"So glad I found your service... great prices for someone on a limited programming learning budget..." -Jason K.

"Good product." - Fabien D.

"Great job on a unique product" -Jarland

"I was able to commit to a Mac purchase having enjoyed my trial of the OS through vmOSX. Xcode awaits!" -Glyn

"This service has been good, and you have been responsive" - Karl G.

"I have been using the service to test out some C++ course material on XCode ... I have been quite satisfied ... and have recommended your service to several other people." -Lars T

"Thanks for the good service" -Ric

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"I plan to use your vmOSX Virtual Personal Desktop for developing an App during a Hackathon." -Hardik S