Exciting New Customer Ownership Structure

We are excited to offer a product line that redefines ownership in the hosted Macintosh ecosystem.  Welcome to the new vmOSX!

Market Leading Pricing (Less $)

All of our plans now include fractional ownership of the underlying Apple Branded Hardware that is hosted and supported by our techs at VirtualMacOSX.com for prices that set the bar for affordable hosted Macintosh Environments.

When you find the plan that is right for you it will include a small monthly charge that represents your Pay as you Go payment for fractional ownership of the Apple branded hardware that your account runs on.

Cancel at Any Time

The great thing is that you can cancel at any time by cancelling payment and severing the Fractional Ownership Sales Agreement with no further payment or obligations.

Ownership Rewards

If you complete the full term of payments for your product you are rewarded with a fee reduction to the bare hosting cost plus associated support costs and your equity can be transferred to different hardware within our Data Centers.

More Data Centers

We have diversified our Data Center model by adding in two new Tier 3 Data Center locations for a total of Four Data Centers in North America.  This will further refine our connectivity amongst our largest market of users.

Full Compliance

With the change in ownership model and an adjustment to the product delivery model we have created a hosted Macintosh model that complies with all of Apple's Software Licensing Agreements.

Own High End Hardware

Now you can own high-end Apple Branded Hardware hosted in one of many Tier 3 Data Centers in North America for less than renting!  Buy into our fleet of Enterprise grade equipment at literally pennies a day.

Plan Types

We offer two types of Fractional Apple Branded Hardware ownership.

  1. Fractional Shared Resources on Macintosh Server
  2. Fractional Dedicated Resources on Macintosh Server

With the Fractional Shared plan you get full use of the entire environment's resources as well as the ability to run third party software with appropriate licenses.

The Fractional Dedicated Resource on Macintosh Server plan provides a dedicated resource pool that represents a fraction of the total Apple Branded Hardware resources and gives root access, dedicated IP and the ability to run services.



"Thank you for the very direct and personal support. Well appreciated." -Bert H.