"I purchased a Mac on my end so I no longer need to outsource.  Your services were fantastic though." -Troy M.

" Training Course in MacOS session finish. Thanks for your service." - Carmelo S.

"Awesome, works great. VNC and SSH are both working great. Thanks much for the weekend work." -Andrew

"Great support, very fast and direct, thanks for help!" -Sascha

"Now have access to a physical Mac environment again, no longer need virtual environment. Many thanks for your help, and a reliable service!"  -Yann E.

"So glad I found your service... great prices for someone on a limited programming learning budget..." -Jason K.

"Thanks for the service it was perfect for what I needed." -Michael B.

"No longer needed thanks for the run" - Kim S.

"Thanks for your help & I'll keep with your best service in future." -B. Santoso

" Thank you for the service." - Arjan vdK.

"Hi, thanks for the fast setup. Very impressed!" -P.

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