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Article How do I test my app on my device?
The most common way for our developers to test their app on their device is via Ad Hoc...
Views: 2848
Article Launch Application Loader
To Launch the Application Loader follow these steps: 1. Launch Xcode 2. Select "Xcode" in the...
Views: 1874
Article Objective C Compiler in Mac OS X
Here is a link to a great article on the Objective C Compiler in Mac OS...
Views: 1300
Article PhoneGap (Cordova)
To get started developing with PhoneGap/Cordova checkout this article...
Views: 1784
Article What is an alternate to control + drag for linking view elements in Xcode?
You can try right-clicking by holding Control and clicking the element (depending on the keyboard...
Views: 1704


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